Price: ₹ 12,000.00 - ₹ 5,895.00
(as of Jun 25,2020 13:50:24 UTC – Details)

MMT Acoustix Mega Bass Traps are considered to be one of the best optimized solutions when treating low frequencies. They are also an excellent complement to other acoustic products. The unique shape of the Mega Fuser Bass Traps allows you to minimize the dramatic effects that result from resonating waves (or standing waves), commonly associated with the boomy sound often heard in untreated rooms. Size : 24”x16.5”x8”

Good for studios, booths, theaters, schools, home, podcasts, professionals & hobbyists
Professional, High Quality Durability and Effective
Noise Reduction Coefficient: 1.32 nrc
International Quality Made in India by MMT Acoustix


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